Citrine Wagtail Motacilla citreola
IUCN Red list status: Least concern
Experiences with species

I had seen one of these in the distance in Finland, but now there was one in our own country, this was the 4th record! As luck wouldn't have it, we had a very important family event on (a braai for my wife's birthday), the day after its discovery. So anxiously, I cooked meat, made small talk and watched my phone for messages confirming the bird was still there. I booked on a flight the next day, got to the site, which was covered in twitchers. "The bird is there!" I was told - "oh, it's waddled around the corner." Next thing, "peeeeeep" and the little blighter zoomed off over the stinking pan - with us in hot pursuit... This carried on for about 20 minutes until it decided to go back to where we'd been, and proceeded to show off. Thank goodness! As I was still in a sling from a shoulder op, this was not an easy game, running around, with camera mounted on a monopod with a quick shutter release to try and get some shots of this little rarity. I sort of managed, we all enjoyed the spectacle, and then set off for a pub to celebrate. Such is birding....

Other names: Yellow-headed Wagtail, Yellow-hooded Wagtail

Ranges: Resident Breeding Non-breeding Migratory Uncertain

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