Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross Thalassarche carteri (14.1)
IUCN Red list status: Endangered
(Indiese Geelneusalbatros)
Experiences with species

On my first pelagic we saw Atlantic Yellow-nosed. At the time, Bruce Dyer explained the differences between the two: Indian seems to have a smaller eye, whereas the Atlantic has black around the eye making it look bigger. Indian has a much paler neck, almost pure white. When you see one, you know it!

Other names: Formerly lumped with Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross and therefore simply known as Yellow-nosed Albatross. Species from the genus Thalassarche may also known as a Mollymawk as opposed to Albatross.

Ranges: Resident Breeding Non-breeding Migratory Uncertain

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