Some links I find useful

Birding Routes in South Africa

This is an invaluable resource to both local and overseas birders planning a birding trip around the country, giving detailed routes,
species that may be encountered, GPS points, etc.

South African National Parks

Including the forums, this site is very useful for seasoned South African visitors to the national parks, or new visitors to the country from overseas.
Some parks already have online booking facilities (such as Kruger National Park)

Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment

This site deals with SABCA, and has many interesting areas, including the Virtual Museum,
where the public's submissions of data and photos are available for viewing.In addition one can link to species distribution maps,
which also show the Virtual Museum records.


The site of the second bird atlas in South Africa. Contains useful information on bird species and has links to the
text from the first atlas project. The site has heaps of information, such as almost "live" maps of ongoing coverage
by regsitered observers, species richness maps, SABAP1 lists per QDGC, SABAP2 species lists by pentad, and more!

Formula 1

Another of my passions, Motorsport! Live Timing on this site is brilliant, gives an insight into what the commentators are seeing on
their screens. Another decent site with very up to date news on the F1 circuit and more is GPUpdate. It also has news on GP2, A1 GP and MotoGP.

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